Dr. Mowry and Dr. Darr,

I cannot say enough how thankful I am for all the care Spencer has received over the years. If it weren’t for that awful visit with the neurologist, I probably would have not been referred to you.

Spencer has been headache free for three-and-a-half years and he has not been sick or missed any days of class in middle school.

Thank you,


Mowry Chiropractic has changed my health! Dr. Mowry and Dr. Darr are so knowledgeable in treating the whole body, the whole you. In addition to my pain being gone, I feel healthier and like everything is starting to work the way it is supposed to. I am well on my way to good health thanks to them. The entire staff makes you feel welcome and truly cared about. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mowry and his associates.

Mary B

I have been driving 130 miles (round trip) once a month or more for 15 years or more for maintenance. I do not have a single ache or pain in my body, thanks to the care that I have received from Dr. Mowry. He cares !!!

Branson F

The staff at Mowry Chiropractic is very professional & helpful.  Dr. Darr & Dr. Mowry take a whole health attitude towards their patients.  I have sufferd from allergies for decades, but now with their help and two different supplements.  I feel like a normal person!


Dr. Mowry,

I wanted to sincerely thank you in writing for saving my sanity and my life.

When I first came to you in the fall of 2010 I explained that I had grown up as a chiropractor’s son (I’m now 54) and understood the health benefits of having and maintaining a straight spine. Ten years ago I had fallen 40 feet from a tree and broken my hip, pelvic area, sacrum and couple ribs. After ten years the affected bones have been deteriorating and arthritis had set in. On top of that the lower lumbar had a disc issue putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. I suffered from sciatica for 14 months. I’m a strong optimist but honestly it was driving me into suicidal direction.

After 3 months of adjustments and great care by your entire staff I mentioned to you that I was feeling much better and asked how long it would be till the sciatica was gone if ever. Dr. Mowry, you said I had more variables going on than most people and that you would not give up on me. In fact I was touched when you said “it was an honor for you to serve me in my healing process.” I’ll never forget that!

I awoke Christmas Eve morning and realized I had not had the excruciating deep nerver pain associated with sciatica in four days, since my last appointment. The sciatica was gone! This was the best present I have ever had. My attitude on life has changed. I have new hope in the future and now look forward to regaining strength in these skinny legs of mine once again.

You saved me and I am forever grateful. I will keep coming for maintenance as long as you’ll have me.

Forever grateful and a firm believer in Chiropractic!


I had a very painful tendon injury on my arm. I had tried all traditional avenues with my orthopedic doctor but nothing helped until Dr. Mowry started treating my arm with laser therapy. It was not overnight, but with continued treatment the tendon in my forearm began to heal and is now 100% better. I am back exercising and owe it all to the treatment provided by Dr. Mowry. Awesome office staff as well!!!

Karen W

I was definately skeptical…but after just one session I did notice improvement in my joints which are normally very stiff. Since embarking on a regular schedule of treaments I feel better than I’ve felt in years. Thank you!

Karen S.

I’m sold. Ever since using the Ion Detox Foot Spa I definately feel better. Also, the people at the company are very knowledgable and always ready to answer any question.

Mike D.

After trying the system on a regular basis I have personally seen an improvement in my general energy level. My general well-being has also improved.

Cynthia D.

I have suffered for many years from a disease known as fibromyalgia. While this chronic disease is not fully understood, some of the symptoms include aching, fatigue, lack of sleep, morning stiffness, headaches, and depression. After my very first detox foot spa treatment my own symptoms have begun to subside and now I feel so much better. Having suffered with this disease for long I had forgotten how it felt to feel so well, with levels of energy I have not had for years.

Janet P.