About Chiropractic

At Mowry Chiropractic, the culture of our office is built on a three-pronged approach to chiropractic practice: the Philosophy, the Science and the Art of Chiropractic. This approach is what makes us different.

Philosophy – Your body is a complex and brilliant machine, which has the ability to heal itself and perform at its best. Our practice is about letting the intelligence of the universe express itself through you… and make sure you are on your journey to wellness. Optimizing your body’s energy helps slow or even reverse the aging process – making you young in mind, body and spirit.

Science – Your spine is more than just the framework to the rest of your body. It is literally the central control for your entire nervous system. Chiropractic helps to open up your nervous system, and optimize your energy. When your spine is in complete alignment, your body is primed for peak performance.

Art – Chiropractic is not just about adjustments. An adjustment can certainly address the symptoms, but may not completely address the problem. We believe in a holistic, “whole body” style of treatment. That means identifying the challenges and obstacles that you face, and building an individual, customized wellness plan. Think of us as a partner in your body’s journey… always there to help you on your way. The best patient in chiropractic is an educated patient.

Here at Mowry Chiropractic, we are more than a chiropractic office. We are a team of people who will help identify your problems, and then help you reach your goals.