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Lipoic Acid

Lipoic Acid

Lipoic Acid is a powerful multi-functional antioxidant.

Lipoic Acid is a multi-functional antioxidant. It is unique in that it is effective against both water-and fat-soluble free radicals. This allows for the recharging of vitamin C, E, and glutathione.

Ubiquinone (CoQ-10)

The wealth of evidence for CoQ-10 supplementation has been embraced in virtually every corner of the medical and scientific communities. Perhaps named for its vast presence in healthy body function, Ubiquinone (CoQ-10) has impressed researchers for years for its array of contributions to good health. Patients seeking cardiovascular support and a host of immunological needs are candidates for supplementation of CoQ-10 in their daily diet.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Vitamins are essential to good health; without them, key body processes would halt.

Recent studies have shown a trend toward increased deficiency of vitamin D in the body, underscoring the need for supplementation, especially for the elderly, as well as for those who get less exposure to sunlight.



Lipitrol offers nutritional support to help maintain healthy lipid levels.

Guar Gum

Acts as a dietary cholesterol binding fiber by removing bile through the stool.

Artichoke Leaf Extract

Maintains health by acting on the liver to produce and dump cholesterol-laden bile.



Often times used as a sleep aid, melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland.
Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland and is the hormone involved in circadian rhythms. Current uses for melatonin include support for those with sleep disturbances.



Nasal and sinus support for the height of the growing season. Enjoy the outdoor’s once again!


Naturally found in onions, quercetin is a mast cell stabilizer and a powerful natural flavonoid. Quercetin has been shown to inhibit certain compounds that typically affect sinus and respiratory health.

Stinging Nettles Leaf

Studies have shown stinging nettles have demonstrated both promising mechanisms and clinical results for supporting nasal passageway health. While further study is needed, trials have shown stinging nettles demonstrated measurable differences vs. placebo after only one week.


A strong pineapple enzyme, bromelain has proven mucolytic properties. As such, bromelain supports normal mucousal tissue function and enhances the absorption of quercetin.

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC)

An amino acid that is a natural mucolytic, NAC reduces the viscosity of mucus. Studies have shown individuals have been treated effectively without side effects when given NAC.